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VISION ART AND MUSIC FOR YOUTH is a remarkable Refugee-led community based organization that was founded by a group of refugee youths on 2018, In the western part of Kenya Turkana county, specifically in the Kakuma Refugee Camp . the organization is committed to advancing the holistic development of children and youths, Through our dedicated efforts, we prepare them for active participation in the global community .this organization has successfully implemented several impactful projects, each designed to address specific needs and create lasting positive change within the community. The organization remains committed to equipping individuals of all ages with Education, Livelihood and Digital Skills, fostering their empowerment in the contemporary landscape. Our track record is marked by the implementation of impactful projects, strategically tailored to meet distinct community needs, thereby fostering enduring and constructive transformations VAMY works to train the youths on playing Musical instruments, Dance and cultural to enhance their talents and improve their lives standards. To meet our desire of continuing serving displaced people from different background into programs for them to become economically self- sufficient. We also dealing with education for children , psycho-social intervention, Art, Creativity, vocational trainings and Livelihood. Aimed at providing strategies that help them develop the emotional, social and cognitive skills needed to become lifelong learners and improve their living standard.


Current Partners

  1. Cohere
  2. Hi
  3. Fekonia

Previous Partners

  1. PSF

Organization Mission: “we assist refugee and displaced people to grow economically and socially for a batter future.”

Organization Vision: “To Equip and create economic opportunities for every refugee and displaced people.”

Contact Person: Jules Shengo

Contact Email: vamyvision@gmail.com

Second Contact Person: Polydord Wasokye (0741217748)

Secondary Email: shengojulesfaraja@gmail.com

Additional location: We are physically located in the Kakuma Refugee camp-Kakuma2, Zone1, Block8, Near Horseed Primary School.

Networks: Permaculture realfood foundation

Network Emails: info@permacultureproduce.com.au

Field Partners: Cohere

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