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Vijana Twaweza Club
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Vijana Twaweza Club is youth refugee group which aim to solve some issue which the community faces in Kakuma refugee camp. Since 2018 to now the group is trying to solve the issue of food insufficiency which lead to malnutrition among children and anemia to the pregnant woman in Kakuma refugee camp and assist youth to empower themselves by rearing fish, crickets and crops production. In 2021 the Vijana Twaweza Club offered agricultural courses based on permaculture principals and ethics to ninty studedents into three primary (Gambela, Fuji and Horseed) school in Kakuma refugee camp. The course has assisted student to grow food for their own consumption and student was encouraged to assist his or her family members during holidays.


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Contact Person: Luundo Wa Luundo Dieu Merci

Contact Email: Luundodieumerci80@gmail.com

Second Contact Person: Nyasunday Bol Mayat

Secondary Email: Soniabol2016@gmail.com

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