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VIRDIS (Virtuoso discovering) is a Female Refugee Led Organization founded by Milton Suh, a Cameroonian Refugee at Adagom 1 refugee settlement, on the 07-08-2021. Mission Our mission is to empower individuals affected by trauma and adversities through therapeutic interventions and psychosocial support programs. We aim to enhance resilience, promote healing and foster community well-being. Purpose The purpose of VIRDIS Refugees Initiative is to provide comprehensive psycho-social services to refugees and host communities, enabling them to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives with dignity and hope. Vision Our vision is a world where every individual quality psycho-social care and support, empowering them to thrive despite adversity. We aspire to be a global leader in promoting mental health and well-being through innovative and sustainable programs. Our leadership Organogram is as follows •Director: Milton Suh •Research and Evaluation: Akwo Mary, Etor Louis Etta •Sectary: Jane Victory •Community Outreach: Favour Bi, Ikemefona Nwaji •Support Group Officer: Yodel Henshaw, •Public Relation Officer: Lane Dela-Favour, Our volunteers work minor jobs to ensure that we get financial support which goes a long way to solicit for basic logistics.