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The Voice of Refugees (VOR) was duly established on 23 December 2016 by six (6) interested Eritrean refugees in Kampala, Uganda. It is born to fill the huge vacuum of organized refugee community to generally advocate, lobby and defend rights and duties of asylum seekers and refugees and particularly to safeguard and advance the rights and obligations of the Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees who have been exceptionally suffering and subjected to abuse owing to lack of organized scheme. We, the members of the Voice of Refugees are volunteers born out of desire to establish refugees' organizational scheme to develop unified voices and organized system of protection to promote durable solutions, such as local integration, resettlement and repatriation provided the cause for fleeing home country resolved. The Founding Members have identified the huge vacuum and dearth of organized scheme especially among the Eritrean refugee community and its adverse effects lacking unified voices to protect and promote rights enshrined under domestic and international refugee protection instruments. We have established a Company Limited by Guarantee aiming to serve as guarantors but not shareholders. Voice of Refugees is non-profit organization serving the asylum seekers and refugees. The funds and profits gained, if any shall be strictly re-invested or utilized in the interests of the refugee communities. WHAT WE DO We promote and support organized scheme to ensure voice are heard, rights protected and promoted. The plights and experiences of ill-organized Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees vividly demonstrate weakness, fragmentation, subject to abuse and under-representation in services and events that concerns them. 1. Develop Organized Schemes and Make Voices Heard We have been using, making and exerting all possible means to raise the awareness of asylum seekers, refuges and stateless legal rights, duties and interests under legal frameworks. We have been using social media, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, posting notices in public areas, made brochures, fliers, posters and interviews with local and international magazines or newspapers. 2. Seek Grounds for Durable Solutions We have been striving to promote durable solutions for refuges closely working with partner organizations to address problems of livelihood and unemployment to bolster local integration, where possible and safe volunteer repatriation and seek resettlement to third countries. Livelihood has been at the heart of our activities. We have been sharing the Office of the Deputy and providing English Language Training to asylum seekers and refugees. We have established excellent networks with RLO and NGOs providing livelihood services and have been referring Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees for training on language, computer, vocational, such as tailoring, mechanics, catering, fashion and dressing, electric, electronic, heavy machine operation…etc. 3. Lobby and Advocate We have been lobbying the Office of the Prime Minister, Refugees Department (OPM), UNHCR and their implementing and operating partners specifically on the challenges that the Eritrean asylum seekers have been confronted on Refugee Status Determination. We advocate for equitable, fair and proportionate service to asylum seekers and refugees. We have been vigorously campaigning against under-representation of Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees in available and accessible services. We also have been advocating criminal justice system of Uganda, namely Police, Security and Immigration on the challenges of security and harassment that many Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees have been facing by some unscrupulous Ugandan Police, Security and Immigration Officers. Similarly, we have been lobbying several refugees service giving organizations to seriously consider equitable reaching the unreachable, such as the Eritrean refugees communities. 4. Legal Empowerment and Pro Bono Legal Aid Services Legal empowerment of asylum seekers and refugees has been one of our essential activities. Because, significant number of Eritrean asylum seekers and refugees have been prone to abuse and misuse by Eritrean brokers and Ugandan abusers. To the extent possible, we have been providing pro bono legal aid services when Eritrean asylum seekers or refugees are detained, accused or arrested; family disputes, internal fighting, defrauded in house rents and other civil and criminal cases. We have been especially extending our legal services in cases of sexual and gender violence, unaccompanied child, guardianship, 5. Work in Partnership, Establish and Develop Network We have been identifying partner organizations, establishing and developing networking. We have developed excellent partnerships with refugees led organization, such as YARID, OYOH, HOCW, REAL Uganda, RELON, local or international organization, such as JRS, NRC, AHA, IRC, Mercy Corps, Refugees Law Project, DefendDefenders…etc. Our effective partnership with the OPM has been successful in dramatically increasing granting of refugee status to Eritrean asylum seekers. 6. Harmonization of Domestic and International Instruments of Refugees We have been engaging in comprehensive research to make informed lobby and advocacy for harmonization between domestic and international instruments pertaining to refugee laws. We have, so far identified several gaps and challenges hampering effective implementation of legal frameworks and policies in Uganda serving the refugees. 7. Maximize Harmonious Coexistence between Refugees and Host Communities Maximizing harmonious coexistence between refugees and host communities has been one of the essential activities of VOR. In February 2023, we conducted community-to-community meeting between selected Eritrean refugees, Ugandan local councils, police, security and representatives of Ugandan society in Makindye Division. We were able to understand numerous enigmatic issues that could bolster or may adversely affect harmonious relationships and we are working on them. 8. Share Information on Available and Accessible Services We regularly share information about available and accessible service to asylum seekers and refugees on protection, security, health, education, employment and livelihood. We focus on education for adults particularly improving English language and variety of vocational trainings. 9. Establish and Strengthen Partnership We have been energetically working to establish and forge partnerships with all possible partners that are interested in advancing and safeguarding the interests of asylum seekers and refugees. 10. Link Relief Services to Development We work with all partners and where funds are available to provide acute humanitarian service to newly arrived asylum seekers and equally work on durable solution to promote development. WHERE WE WORK Currently, we are limited to our activities and services in Uganda, serving the urban refugees. We shall in due course intend to extend our services to other countries where refugees are hosted. Our Address: Kabalagala, Opposite to KFC Restaurant Kampala, Uganda Tel. +256754453662-0700169643-0762640853, 0775801483 E-mail or or,