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Founded in January 2013, Women for Action is an organization born in the Dzaleka refugee camp, created and led by women to respond to the concerns of refugee children, women and girls who have suffered various forms of violence and inequality. As refugees ourselves, we created Women for Action as a solution to the challenges women, young women, girls and children face in and around the camp. Women for Action is therefore committed to empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized women, girls and children to claim their rights, to challenge harmful traditional attitudes, behaviors and practices; and overcoming poverty and other hardships through: 1 The education of children by setting up a nursery and primary school for children whose parents are poor and are unable to send their children to school due to lack of funding, 2. Vocational training in income-generating activities and entrepreneurship for the empowerment of vulnerable women and girls, 3. Protection of LGBTQ people to allow them to express their orientation without fear and live with dignity. 4. The promotion of gender equality for all through sensitization of women and communities on women's rights. 5. Accompaniment of women who have experienced cases of gender-based violence in appropriate services and their empowerment through learning income-generating activities and partnership.