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Watoto Wasome is derived from the Kiswahili phrase meaning “Let the children read”. We are a non-profit organization that is closing the gap in the quality of literacy education of children in under-served communities by creating engaging, child-centered activities for children in Kenya. Our mission is to improve the literacy levels of children aged 3-10 years in children centers and schools through use of learner-centered approaches, thereby contributing to bridging the literacy gap in the quality of instruction and involvement received by children in these communities.

Annual Operating Budget: 12,533 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 350

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Our Community and beneficiaries

Watoto Wasome works with children aged 3-10 years in underserved communities like children's homes, rescue centres and community schools. We teach kids directly and also provide teacher training to schools in our target communities on engaging and effective teaching. So far we have impacted about 300 children and 72 teachers, not including the children they are implementing on.

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