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Wings to Fly Initiative (WFI), formerly ThinkWithMe-Education, is a legally registered refugee-led organisation, established in 2019 in Kakuma, Kenya. Our core mission is to confront the challenges faced by refugees, focusing on peaceful coexistence, quality education, and poverty alleviation. At the heart of our efforts is the flagship program, Boosting Refugee Integration and Sustainability through Language Acquisition (BRISLA). BRISLA equips refugees with vital English language skills, fostering integration, communication, and resource access. We recognize that language proficiency is pivotal for effective communication and integration. Therefore, we are committed to empowering refugees with the language skills necessary to engage with their host communities and access essential resources. Complementing BRISLA is our Grassroots Education for Kids At Least Something (GE4KIDS) pilot project. GE4KIDS significantly enhances the literacy, numeracy, and creative skills of children aged 4-6. We place a strong emphasis on numeracy, literacy, geometric concepts, games, and play-based learning. We proudly launched our Scaling Learning through Play project (SLP) funded by COHERE, which is designed to cultivate resilience, nurture curiosity for innovation, promote teamwork, and boost children's confidence through engaging designs and educational play. Our initiatives are designed to address critical challenges that children in Kakuma Refugee communities face. These challenges include limited opportunities for skill development, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and social integration. Thanks to The Scaling Learning Through Play project, children in the program will be introduced to the Collab-Innovate: Build, Create and Solve (BCS) Course, a vital component aimed at addressing the challenges faced by children in Kakuma Refugee camp. To learn more about our work, please visit our social media pages and website.