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INTRODUCTION Women action for rural development initiative (WARDI) was founded on 07/07/2021 by a group of refugee women who come together to improve and upgrading both the refugee’s and national’s communities in Uganda. The union started in Imvepi Refugee settlement in Uganda with a purpose of improving the life of the refugees and host communities women and girls by advocating for equality and respect for humanity in the refugee communities. The ideas of forming this initiative is to empower educate and unite all women to participate in community development and transformation. After a long run struggle for success, life amidst challenges to improve on livelihood, education, women empowerment and protection and participation and peaceful co-existence in the refugee community. The women realized a need to collect all women and girls and vulnerable persons towards a common goal of improving their way of life. There comes into existence an organization WARDI to provide a solution to the marginalized women and girls in Imvepi refugee settlement and other areas in Uganda Through peace building, livelihood and women empowerment and protection

Annual Operating Budget: 1,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 1,000

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Imvepi CBO forum RLON

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Women action for rural development initiative (WARDI) is establish on the grounds of effective services delivery with quality provision of humanitarian services to the refugees in Imvepi refugee settlement Uganda, the targeted beneficiaries are the marginalized women, child mothers, SGBV survivors, disabled, school girls, etc. The organization has a total of 8 women groups and 3 girls shine groups in the 12 villages of zone one in Imvepi refugee settlement Uganda. under the project of community financing and women protection and empowerment Project. Women action for rural development initiative (WARDI) carries out training on financial literacy and support groups with VSLA kits for saving money. We conducted gender based violence sessions with 140 women in zone one of the Imvepi settlement and conducted sensitization and carry out community awareness on early pregnancies, early marriages, forced marriages, defilement family planning, and GBV etc. reaching to a tune of 15,000 people within the settlement. Under livelihood, the organization has engaged women in kitchen gardening and support them with seeds and tools as a strategy of advocating for food security for their live. In bead to promote peace in the refugee community, the organization raised awareness to 24,000 people under peace building program and some community leaders have been trained in peace building, the organization carried out community awareness programs and community sensitization on women protection and prevention of HIV/Aids in zone one of Imvepi settlement.

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