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Youth Co-operation for Ideas, established in 7th August 2018 , is a dynamic organization dedicated to fostering positive change in communities through targeted programs. Focusing on education and youth/child rights, the organization has successfully equipped countless youths with practical skills, ensuring their emotional and psychological stability. Their impact extends to food security, nutrition, and health, where they actively engage communities in HIV/AIDS interventions and empower Village Health Teams. In water, sanitation, and hygiene, the organization provided clean water access to needy households, constructed boreholes, and implemented comprehensive hygiene education. Additionally, their commitment to economic empowerment is evident through increased household incomes, job availability, and the promotion of entrepreneurship, contributing to improved community well-being. In subsequent years, Youth Co-operation for Ideas continued its impactful initiatives. In 2021, their focus on youth and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) support included strengthening family capacity, mobilizing community responses, and ensuring access to essential services. They influenced policies for OVC protection, created a supportive environment for those affected by HIV/AIDS, and enhanced coordination structures. Economic strengthening efforts led to significant milestones in boosting production and providing advisory services. Advocacy for health, including AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns, showcased their holistic approach. In 2022, the organization's efforts expanded to addressing the needs of youth refugees through comprehensive assessments, targeted training, and advocacy for gender equality and peace. The commitment to holistic support continued in 2023 with ongoing needs assessments, skill training, and advocacy efforts, highlighting the organization's dedication to positive change and empowerment for vulnerable populations.