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Youth Education and Development Association (YEDA) started on 30 June by elite African Refugees namely RAMADHANI OLOMWENE as a founder and Director, and EBANDA MIALANO his Co-founder in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya, after observing and living after observing many sufferings that refugees and autochthones undergo. The elites organized their first refugee community meeting at Kakuma 4 to have quickly solution to emerging problems occurred in the community of Kakuma 4 and all Kakuma refugee camp. During meeting the community accepted to start working volunteering then we started with two activities which are Hair dressing training and Sewing machine training cause we did not have any support, the activities were supported by contribution of members of YEDA. On 08 June 2017, Youth Education and Development Association (YEDA) have gotten the certificate of registration of Community Based Organization (CBO) from Labour and Social Protection