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Youth Organization for Building African Communities -YOBAC
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YOBAC was founded in 2016 by the youth from different countries ,such as; Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Uganda and south Sudan. Geared towards working for transforming the African countries. YOBAC is interested in education of orphans of war and youth, dedicated to work with youth and their communities in Africa to reach out their full potential by educating , empowering and by tackling the causes of the poverty. It was due to the great number of refugees fleeing conflicts, suffering, violence and other problems, that come as a result of war in their countries, all of these cause separation into families where some of the children lost their parents and others had to engage in bad activities as the way of survivals, many children stayed orphans and they do not have access to education; we had combined together, the problems and challenges that had been faced in both kyangwali and in our home countries. The founders came together on 05 September to found YOBAC so that they can work together with the youth, children, orphans and women survivors of war to solve some of their biggest problems they are facing.