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ALL IN ONE FOR PEACE AND FEMALE DEVELOPMENT is a Refugee Female Led Group formed to empower women to take care and educate their Children. This organization was founded by women and composed 95% by women and girls for self-reliance and resilience with the purpose of focusing only on female related issues and empower them equitably to make sure they are confidently able to compete with men by becoming socially, economically, intellectually owners of their destiny in the society they belong to. Our Mission is : To strengthen equitably Female Resilience and self-reliance for community empowerment. The work with women looks at widows, female PWDs, single mothers, girls, children, etc; in their psychosocial, livelihood and educational aspects. With women and girls groups we do Village Saving and Lending activities, home to home psychosocial counselling, volley ball female team, Hand craft and children toys making to improve lives of many.

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