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Bright Futures is a consortium made up of 5 Grassroots Organisations (4 Refugee Led Organisations and a team of disability specialists from the host community). Our mandate is the Protection of children with disabilities. We're present in 4 geographic locations across Uganda, namely: Kampala (our headquarters), and in 3 refugee settlements (Bidibidi, Imvepi, and Rwamwanja). The Bright Futures Consortium provides rehabilitation services to children with disabilities and builds capacity of their caregivers to give them adequate care. In 2022 with funding from Comic Relief, and support from UNHCR-HEA disbursed through Cohere Charity we were able to provide rehabilitation interventions to 1200+CWDs and trained 1160+ parents and caregivers in home-based care management. Many children with disabilities supported have registered progress in various functional areas namely self-care, literacy, socialisation and others. In July 2023 we've received funding from Lego foundation, also via Cohere Charity, to implement a new project entitled ' scalable community led learning through play for refugee children' which focuses on enhancing learning for children with disabilities through various play activities. This project targets children from 4-15 years old, in Bidibidi, imvepi, Rwamwanja refugee settlements and in Kampala. 210 children with disabilities who are direct beneficiaries have been assessed from Rwamwanja, imvepi, Bidibidi and Kampala locations. This was conducted from 11th September - 6th October 2023. They included (94females) and (116males). Common conditions seen were Epilepsy (107), Cerebral palsy (49) and Autism (16). Each child assessed was recommended with the suitable learning materials to use. Caregivers too were assessed in their capacity to carry out play activities for their children. A total of 206 participated and their views were captured to aid upcoming trainings in play and learn. Now that assessments for all locations are completed, RLOs have embarked on working on their respective data and preparing to purchase recommended play materials. You too can make an impact in the lives of these children by supporting our work through our reframe page. “Donate Via Cohere” Button.