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VISSION: To empower, develop and promote self-reliance MISSION: To see empowered refugees become peaceful, selfreliant, and innovative THEMATIC AREAS 1.1 Create awareness and sensitization on issues affecting the communities Example pandemic outbreak, conflicts prevention, passing message/ mobilization to the community 1.2 Skills development CENET will empower youths in multiple vocational skills example liquid and bar soap making, carpentry and joinery, electronic, ICT, Neating, Agricultural skills among others to promote 1.3 Comunity service provisions Here CENET shall organise community work, reach charity to persons with special needs PSNs (Elderly, orphans, women at risk among categories of vulnerable people) and social places like churches, schools, health and markets. 1.4 Environmental protection/ Climate change adaption (CCA) We continue making advocacy for environment conservation Example by promoting Re-afforestation, Agro-forestation and best practice to ensure environment protection inorder for positive climate change Background of CENET Is a refugee youth led non-profit making community based organization operating in Rhino refugee settlement. It was started in the year 2021 after realising number of gap during the COVID-19 pandemic and when developmental phase was declared in the humanitarian refugee response following the legal framework. Where some of international, regional and national NGOs are quitting the refugee response due to limited funding. Therefore, CENET as Community Based Organization we came to close this gap. As per our stated mission and vision above.