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DS Tech Hub is an organization committed to building resilience, capacity, and reintegration of refugees while promoting education and ICT4livelihood initiatives. Our vision, mission, and focus are centred on empowering refugee youths to become self-reliant as well as contributing to the development of the host communities. Our core thematic areas are Education, ICT, Livelihood, food security, Climate Change, Refugee rights advocacy as well as Psychosocial Support and career mentorship. At DS Tech Hub, we understand that only prepared youths make good leaders and we are committed to seeing this happen through initiatives such as youth professionalism, youth development and capacity building, education, research, career guidance and mentorship, food security, livelihood, ICT4Dev, refugee Advocacy, youth and women empowerment. We equip vulnerable and marginalized youths through skill development and professionalism as well as providing them with opportunities that enable them become change agents in the society.

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