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The Durban Refugee Centre (DRC) is a non-profit organisation which was established and run by a group of refugees and asylum seekers. It was formed to address challenges and difficulties that refugees and asylum seekers face in Durban when trying to integrate themselves into local community. DRC works to assist refugees and asylum seekers in various ways in their integration path, and act as a bridge between newcomers, communities and mainstream society. DRC works with refugees who are victims of persecution, injustice and war — to establish self-sufficient lives in freedom and sanctuary for themselves and their families in Durban city and surrounding areas of KZN. DRC believes that empowering refugees to act for themselves, and work in partnership with other stakeholders, is not only a key to successful integration, but should also lead to their increased participation in the development and implementation of policies that affect them. DRC’s programmes and activities are designed to uphold the integrity of the international refugee system, in turn giving exceptionally vulnerable refugees the protection they need and deserve. Our projects have evolved from grass-roots involvement with refugee communities to advance key education and training targets for young people. DRC has a creative approach to organisation combining the efforts of refugees living in SA and working together with the focus on programmes and projects which improve the lives of refugees who struggle to survive as refugees and develop their capacity and empower them to act for themselves. We accomplish our mission through own work which is centred around eight key areas: 1. Refugee Children’s Programme; 2. Refugee Women Programme; 3. Refugee Family Support; 4. Advocacy and representation; 5. Bails and Advice for refugees and migrants detainees; 6. Community education and awareness-raising; 7. Refugee and migrant Community-based Advice services and 8. Livelihood Training Programme. In addition, DRC seeks funding for specific projects that directly relate to our objectives and enhance our capacity to serve the refugee community in Durban and surrounding areas.

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