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The organization name hereby constituted as a Charity Organization called “GRACE OF LIGHT FOR ORPHANS” (GLO) that was find in 2019 in Malawi. The vision of GLO is to believe in the future and make other children believe that every child is unique. We listen to all points of view, sympathize with compassion, reestablish self-respect, advocate for the most vulnerable and street children, and empower orphan children by making them the leaders of tomorrow. The mission of GLO is to serve; orphan children, street children, and the most vulnerable in Malawi, especially in the Dzaleka camp. Through providing Affection, joy, care, support, and protection through shelter, food, health care, education, and psycho-social support, advocates for equal rights amongst children by increasing a large generation of believers to eliminate injustice and make these children have peace in the community

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