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Heritage Handcraft is a community based organisation created on 5 March 2020, registered under registration No:SCSDO/TKNW/IRG/CBO/BO-69 our goals are: 1. Providing opportunities for artisans and Craftsmen 2. Market and sell their products at all the levels 3. Transformation of waste (plastic, paper and kitenge) into art, 75% of our row materials are waste Our main activities are: • Cultural/Traditional activities • Skills development • Youth empowerment a) Our mission is to provide an opportunities for artisans and Craftsmen representing all mediums to market and sell their product to the public. b) Our vision is to produce a series of events that are family friendly, fun, and fruitful for artisans and visitors. Exportation of our handcrafts all over the world especially where is needed. Our current activities: 1. ART YETU PROJECT: Through this project we have empowered from now thousands of refugees artists with artists skills. We have graduated our first cohort and the second one not yet because of lack of funds, we have been organizing art Competition that brought together youth from kakuma host and refugee communities and Kalobeyei settlement to be able to express themselves through Visual Arts. 2. NYOTA YA MSANII PROJECT

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