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Human Shine Dream (HSD) is a remarkable Refugee-led Organization that was founded in 2019 by a group of Refugee youths in the western part of Kenya, specifically in Turkana County, within the Kakuma Refugee Camp. HSD is committed to advancing the holistic development of children and youths, equipping them with Education, Livelihood, and Digital Skills. Through our dedicated efforts, we prepare them for active participation in the global community and employment opportunities, fostering a brighter, inclusive future. Our organization has successfully implemented several impactful projects, each designed to address specific needs and create lasting positive change within the community. HSD remains committed to equipping individuals of all ages with Education, Livelihood and Digital Skills, fostering their empowerment in the contemporary landscape. Our track record is marked by the implementation of impactful projects, strategically tailored to meet distinct community needs, thereby fostering enduring and constructive transformations.