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Innovation Talent Academy (ITA) is an independent, Non-Governmental, developmental and charity, non-for-profit a humanitarian Organization. Formed in April 10, 2019 out of a desire to support, restore, empowering and bringing hope to Young Refugee, Young mothers and children affected by wars, sexual violence, sexual exploitation and abuse, victim survived of torture and deprived of human rights. Our priority is to investing in people, and we are committed to giving assistance to those in need regardless of religion, race, nationality or gender. Our vision is to help the refugee Community Especially Young Vulnerable, Young Mother and children and the displaced people affected by wars, famine, disease, ignorance, violence, poverty or privates of human rights positively reshaped and restore. We specifically focus to support the affected refugees, the poor and marginalized and the displaced people through our crosscutting programs by providing Education; healthcare; human right and protection advocacy; Community development programs; social assistance; and volunteer program. Our being is to help the affected Young Mothers and children refugees to integrate in the community and aspire for a better future, to support technically the feminine development initiative actions and projects. Also to network and partner with other organizations, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), CBOs (Community Based Organizations), Associations and individuals to provide support effective intervention, training and assistance. ITA is more engaged in the services of supporting, restoring and bringing hope to refugees’ Young mothers and children and our desire is that we address their suffering in appropriate and caring manner. Mission: A succession to fight the main improve Orphans, Disabilities and Young Refugee’s life in poverty, and the improvement of social life. Vision: To be the leading NGO that empower and support Young Refugees, Marginalized Youths, orphans and disabilities in Uganda and beyond. Values: Love, Commitment, Integrity, Transparency and Empowerment

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