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SEVAC Foundation Uganda was formed in 2012 by a group of professionals initially as a Community-based Organization (CBO), and fully registered as a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in 2016. Since then, SEVAC has been working in support of health services, education of disadvantaged children and students of all age groups and backgrounds in Northern sub-region that formed indigenous community . SEVAC was formed for the purpose of bridging the existing gaps in the service provision, especially in Education, Health, Agriculture, Environmental conservation and Tree planting. In recent years the organization has scaled up its activities all geared towards the provision of educational support (school fees, scholastic materials, and uniforms) to disadvantaged children and students of all age groups; economic strengthening through support for income generating activities; provision of food and nutrition education and supplements; support to the sick, disabled and diseased as well as capacity building and highlight of issues related to the well-being of children and women

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