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Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR) is a prominent refugee-led organization (RLO) that has been operating in Kakuma refugee camp for six years. Leveraging digital technologies, SIR empowers both refugee and host community youth in Kakuma and Kalobeyei with essential skills and tools to secure a better future and economic independence. Additionally, the organization collaborates with other RLO networks like the Global Refugee-led Network (GRN), The Grassroots Consortium-Kenya (GLOs-Kenya), and RELON-Kenya to advocate for the vital role of RLOs at local, national, and global levels. At Solidarity Initiative for Refugees (SIR), our mission is to support the youth, both men and women alike, in reclaiming what insecurity, discrimination, war, and disasters have taken away from them. We firmly believe that access to education and dignified livelihood opportunities are fundamental human rights.