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The Talent Shade film (T-SHAfilms) is a community based organization located in Kenya, kakuma refugee camp (kakuma2,zone2, block 1). It was founded in the year 2018 by a group of Refugees enthusiastic young driven leaders. T-SHAfilms was created purposely to use the power of films, documentaries and music Videos to advocate for refugees and most vulnerable people across Africa. To Equipe Young Africans with film productions skills so they can be able to tell their own stories through Audio visual images , stories about our own way of life, Emplifying refugee voices through films and Media.. We've been operating in the refugee camp for more than 5years and created huge impact in the refugee community. We've produced various stories and we have equipped more than 200 youths in the refugee community with Film production skills and now they are using these skills in the community to tell their own stories and earning leaving out of it.

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