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A Refugee Led Community Based Organization, Teenagers Center for Awakening engages in serving teenagers solving different and many problems have in their everyday life. We operate from Kakuma refugee camp, Turkana West, Kenya. Teenagers specially in Kakuma refugee camp and Kalobayei settlement have many problems. For example many teenagers have very important skills but do not have opportunities to develop them. A number of teenagers do not get teachings about how they should organize themselves and socially well behave. Also, most of teenagers in the area do not have places, teachers, and materials for computing courses and trainings. Despite the implementation of computer teaching programs by some other Non Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations, the number of teenagers who are in need of doing computer courses is still small. Moreover, many teenagers do not get livehoods. That prevent the teenagers from facing hardship effectively. It also impact negatively their way of learning and thinking. Furthermore, some teenagers in Kakuma refugee camp and Kalobayei settlement do not have clothes. Things worsen for teenager girls and mothers. Most of the teenagers girls and mothers do not get hygiene tools since they are necessary for them. Those are some of the reasons for creating Teenagers Center for Awakening and we are working hard to get effective solutions to them. Competent and skilled teachers, good collaboration and relationship between Teenagers Center for Awakening and the community members are great assets to achieve goals. More than ninety teenagers, females and males from different nationalities are TCA clients. We are preparing for a better future.We equip teenagers with knowledge that will, not only make them changemakers, also God fearing persons in the years to come. We want to change the way teenagers in Kakuma think. We need teenagers who are more skilled,guided,empowered.