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The symphonies are a refugee led organization that provide opportunities both refugees and host young people and children to develop through music and performing arts across South Africa. Open to all styles and performing arts. We work with children and youth harnessing the power of music, poetry, and artistic work, to bridge social, geographical, and cultural divides, creating a platform for intercultural dialogue and acceptance with a vast array of activities. Our vision: Using creative expression to hone young people ability to communicate, acquire cultural literacy, gain industry knowledge, and most importantly is to develop their voices as community leaders. Our Mission: Gives lived experienced people the opportunity to articulate their experiences and express their creativity through fine arts instruction and performing arts. Our Programs: The program & Projects provides musical and performing arts opportunities for young people to cross borders and interact around the globe. Each project has a unique focus on diversity and empowerment, creating cultural understanding and acceptance through music and arts. Reflecting migrants' long history as trendsetting music hub which offers a variety of music that take advantage of young people's love for of hip-hop and R & B to engage them in marketable skill-building activities. Music Program includes. . Studio recording and engineering. . Radio and Club Djing . Microphone skills and vocal coaching . Music and Lyrical Composition . Beginning and advanced Piano On the third Fridays of every month at " Free style Friday" youth rappers, gospel singers, dancers, poets, and musicians come together " clean and conscious, because we build our community up, not down" to make music and share their talents.

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