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Unleashed is a refugee led organisation established in 2018. Our aim is to create self-sustainable and self-resilience of refugees and host communities. Unleashed is founded by Victor Mafigi T and Joel Amani M who fled from their country Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) due to security instabilities. Both Victor and Joel ended up in Nakivale refugee settlement in Uganda. Victor started living in Uganda as other youth in the Nakivale refugee settlement without any clear vision of where he wants to go and what he wants to do. After learning social entrepreneurship in 2016, the idea to start a social entrepreneurship hub for refugees in Nakivale was born. We use a design thinking approach and through training and workshops we empower and educate young refugees to become social entrepreneurs. We enable them to improve their lives and the livelihood of their communities. We believe refugees know best about their problems and for this cause, they will also best solve them if they are given the right support. We specifically incubate and catalyse social entrepreneurship for refugee youth. Nakivale refugee settlement has 28 villages in 3 with basecamp at the centre where the office of UNLEASHED is located. In a year we impact 100 scholars through scholarships at the basecamp but with a growing population of 150,000 refugees in Nakivale and 1,500,000 refugees in Uganda of which the majority is youth . We envision scaling up to reach more refugees in Nakivale as well as in other zones within Nakivale and the country. Since our replication model is easy and cost effective. Our ambition is to implement our successful approach and scale to other refugee settlements and rural communities in Uganda. As Unleashed we have received a 3 years reducing funding support from Jangu e.V a German charity organisation that supports education of marginalised people. We also work successfully together with the International Labour Organisation, for the implementation of the Start and Improve Your Business and the Social Cohesion and peaceful coexistence among refugees and host community. PHB also stands with us in accelerating social enterprises. Have a look at our website for more information and ways to support!

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