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About the organization: Women Initiative for Poverty Eradication (WIPE) is a nonprofit community based organization working towards women empowerment, education and livelihood promotion, Health and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation(WASH), Gender and Protection WIPE. This Organization was Founded in 2020 by both the Host community and Refugees in Imvepi Refugee Settlement and registered in 2021, the organization has worked among backward communities in the interior reached pockets of Odupi and Refugee camp, identified as one of the most under developed sub-counties in Terego District.WIPE works closely with Women as well as interventions in livelihood activities enabling them to contribute towards mainstream development process. Vision: To empower Women to live the lives they love, igniting their passion to make a positive contribution in the society. Mission: WIPE is dedicated to have strong mission to produce long life Women who have critical understanding, high level flexible skills and values that support a democratic, equitable, cooperative, Tolerant, Peaceful and just society. Legal status: •WIPE is registered with Terego District under Directorate of Community Services with CERTIFICATE NUMNBER 636/037 dated 13/07/2021 •WIPE is registered with Sub-County under Community Based Organization with the Directorate of Community Services with the Registration number ODU/161/21dated 13/7/2021. Objectives: •Promote Women’s economic empowerment through skills training Projects. •Enhancing Women’s voice in decision making, Leadership and Peace building. •To provide capacity building to various stakeholders and undertake evidence based research on various development themes. •To work on various issues like HIV/AIDS prevention, Livelihood and Environment, Gender and Protection, Health Nutrition. Core Values. Innovativeness Quality. Responsiveness Professionalism. Equality. Currently WIPE has established Bakery Training for training the school Girls who got pregnant during the COVID_19 and dropped from school and have become mothers. This project has helped them in improving their income level.The project has changed their dependence on their husbands for food,clothing and other basic needs.The bakery project has been designed to help both the Host community and the Refugees

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