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Youth Voices Community, better known as YVC , is a registered community-refugee led organisation that aims to build awareness of the experiences of refugees, amplifying their voices and developing their self-reliance. YVC operates under a principle called the 3Ts - To advocate, To Educate and To Empower. YVC strives to address a wide range of community-level needs for refugees, with a particular focus on education, justice, and advocacy. Through advocacy efforts and policy change, we aim to promote the social and economic inclusion of refugees. Here are our main missions: To Advocate: YVC runs the Future With Wakimbizi Campaign (Raising voices for urban refugees) which is a data driven advocacy campaign based in Uganda and Kenya respectively. It seeks to provide future facing refugee led solutions for urban refugees on needs/challenges on ID & Documentation, Access to education and Inclusive Economy. Through the campaign we launched the YVC Justice Centre , where trained paralegals are able to assess refugee cases and where needful referrals are made. To Educate: Additionally, YVC also assists primary refugee students who face challenges in paying their school levies by covering their levies as we educate the large community in Languages to hasten integration and ease of communicating when interacting with the host community. To Empower: YVC conducts vocational training programs that equip refugees with essential skills, including business and financial literacy, as well as digital skills and mental health support awareness. We are also actively developing an e-commerce platform called REDUKA to facilitate broader market access for talent-based refugee artisans in areas such as art, garment marking , and carvings, enabling them to increase their income. This e-commerce platform aims to reach out to refugee-entrepreneurs who are not yet online, as well as those who are using other platforms such as "Jumia" , undoubtedly the leading e-commerce platform in Kenya.

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