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Climate Resilience
Fund Manager: Cohere
Raised on Reframe
Climate change is disproportionately affecting refugee-hosting areas of Africa with 82% of refugees residing in climate-change hotspots. Access to natural resources is vital to provide refugees with income, food and water security yet climate change is reducing the availability and increasing competition for such resources. Meanwhile refugees already face multiple socio-economic and political barriers to realising sustainable livelihoods, good nutrition, adequate health care and opportunities for quality education and mobility. As such, refugees and hosting communities are more exposed and sensitive to the impacts of climate change on their health and livelihoods and less able to absorb and adapt to the increasing frequency of extreme weather events. Nevertheless, multiple known refugee-led organisations are taking actions to build the ability of their communities to build resilience and sustain and develop prosperity under such constraints. Through the pooled fund, the fund manager, Cohere is able to most closely connect donors with the cause they are supporting, significantly reducing the administrative wastage associated with humanitarian funding.


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Chrissie August 1, 2020


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