Advocacy Initiative for Youth Development

About us

Created since 2019, Advocacy Initiative for Youth Development has already trained more than 1700 youths in: 1) Leadership, Peace and Conflict Resolution, 2) Freelancing and Digital Entrepreneurship, 3) Computer Basic and Advanced, 4) Mobile App Development, and 5) Digital Citizenship. As a grassroots organization, our vision is to give over 45000 Youths between the ages of 14 to 25 years old an equal access to Digital and Soft Skills by 2030. And the mission is to Break the cycle of poverty among the Youths through Digital and Soft Skills.

Annual Operating Budget: 35,940 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 640

Our Partnerships

Our Current Funding Partners

One Individual

Previous Funding Partners

One Individual

Our Network Affiliations

Refugee Educators Refugee led Organizations: RLO

Optional Support Partner

Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

As a community based organization, Advocacy Initiative for Youth Development has as beneficiaries Refugees and displaced people without excluding host communities. From 2019 to date, the organization has trained more than 1700 youths and gives over 6300 community members to our Peace and Conflict resolution out reach community program. With the aim of helping refugees to access national documentation, we have successfully secured the sponsorship of 45 refugees for their national exam.

Other Operating Locations

We are based in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Turkana west county

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