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Afri-Youth Network is a Refugee-led Community Based Organization (CBO) operating in Yumbe District, Northern Uganda and working to inspire, mentor and empower youths to become self-reliant and be sustainable, social, economic and spiritually developed. Afri-Youth Network was founded in October 2020 by a South Sudanese Refugee youth, Storyteller, Youth leader, Photographer, Videographers and human right actors, in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement. AYN works with the vision of having Responsible, Empowered, Productive and Self-reliant Young Community, with the Objectives of Providing equal platform for youths to express their opinions on issues that matters their wellbeing. To empower youth in social technology and economic activities. To advocate for unity and peaceful coexistence among the youth in the Settlement and beyond. To combat poverty and strive to attain the sustainable developmental goals in the settlement and beyond.