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The Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Center (Bondeko Center) is a nationally-registered, refugee-led organization founded by refugees in 1997 to support those fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Bondeko Centre supports impoverished, often traumatized refugees, especially women and children, who reach Uganda's capital Kampala without connections or aid. We are a community centre for both refugees and local Ugandans, as well as an emergency shelter for refugees. ​ "We want refugees to be self-reliant and to enjoy human rights in the community where they live" ​ We promote refugee integration and empower asylum seekers and refugees in Kampala to become self-reliant through offering the Capacity building program, Livelihoods program, Education In Emergencies program, Counseling program for survivors of Sexual Violence in conflicts, Children with disabilities program, Legal Clinic, Sport & Games program for youths and through Environment Protection activities. We envision a future where the skills and capabilities of refugees to support and assist each other are recognized, and human rights, community acceptance, and economic independence are promoted for those who have been displaced.