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The Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Center (Bondeko Center) is a nationally-registered, refugee-led organization founded by refugees in 1997 to support those fleeing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Bondeko Centre supports impoverished, often traumatized refugees, especially women and children, who reach Uganda's capital Kampala without connections or aid. We are a community centre for both refugees and local Ugandans, as well as an emergency shelter for refugees. ​ "We want refugees to be self-reliant and to enjoy human rights in the community where they live" ​ We promote refugee integration and empower asylum seekers and refugees in Kampala to become self-reliant through offering the Capacity building program, Livelihoods program, Education In Emergencies program, Counseling program for survivors of Sexual Violence in conflicts, Children with disabilities program, Legal Clinic, Sport & Games program for youths and through Environment Protection activities. We envision a future where the skills and capabilities of refugees to support and assist each other are recognized, and human rights, community acceptance, and economic independence are promoted for those who have been displaced.

Annual Operating Budget: 38,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 2,500

Our Partnerships

Our Current Funding Partners

Cohere, Omprakash, Rotary Club of Seattle #4. Through our page on the Omprakash platform, all donations to Bondeko Centre are 501(c)(3) tax-deductible in the United States of America.

Previous Funding Partners

Lemon Tree Trust, Finnish Refugee Council (FRC), African Centre for Treatment and rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV)

Our Network Affiliations

Grassroots Leadership Organizations (GLOs), RELON Uganda, Member of the global African Chapter, Global Refugee Led Network and INEE(Inter Agency Network for Education in Emergencies).

Optional Support Partner

Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

Bondeko Refugee Livelihoods Centre works together with refugees and the host community. Over the past five years,we have been able to reach out to 12,500 beneficiaries through our various programs. a) In the mushrooms growing activity, we have trained 60 youths (43 boys & 17 girls) for the mushrooms growing activity in 2019. 50% were aged between 18- and 27-year-old, 30% aged between 28- and 30-year-old, and 20% among them were aged between 31- and 35-year-old. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the activity was affected and we didn’t yet resume. b) Due to the pandemic, we’ve trained 4 women so that they can run the project. All of them are below 35 years old. Although in their education, they didn’t make it up to the Degree level, they’re all undergraduate. For the same project we have empowered so far 4 women who are buying bread in bulk for selling in the community in retail. 3 among the 4 are youth refugees. They’re aged: 19, 23 and 32. c) Making briquets activity. 15 people were trained for this activity. 9 people out of the 15 were youth. 4 girls aged 18-35 and 5 boys, aged 18-35. d) The tailoring activity has resumed this year. 21 people are already being trained. 2 among them 20 are above 35-year-old. The tailoring section has 2 levels and 3 classes. The first level has 2 classes of 7 students each, and the second level has 1 class of 6 students. 5 students are aged between 18–27-year-old, 14 students are aged between 31–35-year-old. e) The Urban farming activity (gardening and animal husbandry), has 4 people. 2 among them are refugees’ youth aged (19-year-old and 27-year-old), and 1 man from the host community (32-year-old). f) With more than 140 participants, in the beginning of 2020, the English for Adult (EFA) class was one of the largest classes at Bondeko Centre with 160 participants. 95% of participants were youth (aged between 18-35 years old). 60% of the youth in the EFA class were girls and 40% boys. Among the girls (40% were aged between 18–27-year-old, 30% aged between 28–30-year-old, and 30% age between 31–35-year-old). And among the boys (30% were aged between 18–27-year-old, 40% aged between 28–31-year-old, and 30% aged between 31–35-year-old). In March this year 2021, We’ve resumed with the classes and 70 people were attending the two classes (1st level & 2nd level), until June when the country was put under lockdown, amid the second wave of the pandemic. g) The ECD class: 2 women (33-year-old & 34-year-old) were teaching 83 children in the Early Childhoods Development (ECD) class before 2020. In February this year 2022, 2 teachers aged (21 and 35) have resumed the class with 46 children from 3 different nationalities (Congolese, Burundians and Nationals).

Other Operating Locations

Bondeko is operating in Kampala, Uganda with 2 offices in different locations: - Main Office: Najjanankumbi, Stella Village, Rubaga Division, Kampala. - Extension: Nsambya, Hanlon Road, Makindye Division, Kampala.

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