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Children Relief Service (CRS) is a Humanitarian Organization or a Non-profit Organization. We are committed to protecting vulnerable children and youth from all kinds of abuse, maltreatment, and neglect to create a society that is aware of the hurtful effects that many children and youth are going through. Our mission is to make the community a better place for children and youth to live by developing appropriate services for supporting social and moral development within families, schools, stakeholders, and community-based organizations regarding child protection. This help ensures all children have access to their rights, values, and abilities under the guidance of the UN Convention on the right of children (CRC). What we do We conduct youth empowerment programs such as certificate courses, Vocation Service Training, community awareness campaigns, and workshop training to increase the understanding and capacity to protect children. Likewise, we explain child protection issues and spread knowledge to people to understand the risks of child abuse and make an effort to provide appropriate service to their children.