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Elimisha Kakuma, which means “Educate Kakuma” in Swahili, is the first college-preparatory gap year program designed specifically for refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwest Kenya seeking higher education. It was founded in 2021, by three graduates of Bridge2Rwanda, all of whom are former refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp and studied in the US (Harvard/GWU/St. Olaf), Joseph Dudi Miabok, Diing Manyang,and Mary Maker, along with their former Lead Teacher at B2R, Deirdre Hand (MA Education, Virginia Tech.) Elimisha Kakuma provides access to higher education opportunities for high school graduates living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Students receive intensive academic instruction, exam preparation, mentorship with current college students, and guidance through the college application process. As more refugees gain access to higher education, their long-term life outcomes will be improved and their communities will be strengthened.