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Livelihoods Education for Children Community Finance
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- FAULU PRODUCTIONS was founded in 2015 June and registered two years later as a non-profit, non-political, and a non-religious community-based organization Kenya by the Ministry of East African Community, Labor and Social Protection with the reg. CO/TRKW/CDO/HC 2434. - Our mission is to promote youth talents, to create a safe, sustainable living that enables social change, and education for marginalized communities; and Empowerment to vulnerable. We run three main programs: 1. Agriculture and Permaculture, here we promote agribusiness and food security, free seeds and agricultural equipment, supports to community farms, as well free training to farmers and gardeners. 2. Education: we run both formal and non-formal curriculum whereby we have a free preschool, primary education remedial classes as well as high school compensatory curriculum done online through the AMALA platform from UK. 3. Women Empowerment (Livelihoods): We advocate on GBV cases and mobilize the community on how such inhuman exploitation should take it end. We offer microcredits to women and offer them with entrepreneurship skill. Finally, we also offer two free skills for life that is Soap making and Tailoring to youths and women as a means to supports them for self-reliance.


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Contact Person: LYAMA AMADI

Contact Email: Fauluproductions@gmail.com

Second Contact Person: ISMAIL ABDALLA

Secondary Email: Fauluprogram@gmail.com

Additional location: host community

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