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FAULU PRODUCTIONS is a nonprofit community based organization (RLO) founded in 2015 with the following objectives: 1. To establish community based institutions for sustainable community development by providing free formal and non-formal education. 2. To Ensure community involvement and ownership by participating to their development projects. REGISTRATION: we are a registered by the Ministry of East African Community, Labor and Social Protection as a nonprofit community based organization (CO/TRKW/CDO/HC 2434). THEMATIC AREAS: 1. AGRICULTURE/ PERMACULTURE: we promote agribusiness and food security by offering free farming and business training to the community as well as farming tools like machetes, hoes, watering cans. 2. EDUCATION: we offer Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) for kids starting from age 4 to 7 years with an extension program on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) purposely to strengthen the capacity of the community members (Parents) to get involved to the learning of their kids. Finally, we deliver the "Dance and Movement Therapy" to the adolescents and the youths through distinct activities as a means for them to cope up with the stress and emotional that they are going through and also to nurture their talents. 3. COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT: we offer hands-on skills (Life Skills) like ICT, Computer Repair, Tailoring, Freelance jobs linkages, offering small loan (microcredits) to local entrepreneurs through the founded VSLA Groups (Village Savings and Loan Association) for business capital. 4. ENVIRONMENT: the most activities that we conduct here including; fighting deforestation by engaging in mass trees planting, to encourage the community to be self-sustaining through permaculture farming styles. Finally, we fight plastic pollution by conducting CLEAN UPS in Kakuma and its surrounding and then transfer the collected waste for recycling.