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Farming and Health Education (FHE) is a registered Community-Based Organization (CBO) spearheaded by dedicated youth refugees committed to ecological job training for homeless and unemployed displaced individuals. Our mission is to empower these communities by nurturing environmental stewardship, meeting basic needs, and fostering fair livelihood skills within refugee camps. Thematic Areas: FHE focuses on three major areas, forming the core of our impactful initiatives: 1.Sustainable Regenerative Farming:Implementing sustainable agricultural practices that regenerate the environment.Providing ecological job training for displaced individuals to enhance their farming skills. 2. Prevention Health:Prioritizing preventive healthcare measures to address the unique challenges faced by displaced populations.Offering health education and awareness programs to promote well-being within the community. 3.Education for Adults & Children:Facilitating educational opportunities for both adults and children, ensuring access to knowledge and skills for a brighter future.Empowering individuals through a holistic approach to education, encompassing academic and practical life skills.