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Kakuma Social Agri-Ventures (KSAV) is registered UNDER with registration number SCSDO/TRKW/IRG/CBO/BO-42 under the provisions of the Community Group Registration Act, No.30 of 2022. It is located at Kakuma One, Zone 1, Block 12, Kakuma, Kenya. KSAV’s mission is to empower every vulnerable youth with the necessary skills to achieve sustainable socio-economic development. We envision a community where every young person has the tools and resources to turn their creative ideas into reality. KSAV’s main venture is expanding modern farming and food production systems while protecting the natural environment to address food insecurity, malnutrition, and poverty. Over the past years, it has been able to impact more than 900 households within Kakuma One and is extending its services to the nearby communities including Kalobeyei Settlement.