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At the Muke Foundation, caring for vulnerable refugee children is at the heart of who we are. We help refugee children who have suffered the effects of forced displacement, rape, massacres, war, abuse and whose militias are still rampant in their regions of origin. Our foundation is built on hope, so for every refugee child that comes to our center, we provide them with a comprehensive education. The Muke Foundation is a project created in 2021 and built for refugee children, for whom the losses are even compounded because the sites hosting displaced people are primarily places created to deal with immediate emergencies - not places intended to cope. In the long term. Yet refugee children have long-term needs and desires that must be addressed immediately. They have to go to school; otherwise, the chain of knowledge will be broken. They must also learn about peace and reconciliation; otherwise, they risk becoming child soldiers and seeking revenge and violent revenge. Their traumas must be healed to become resilient people. Refugee children also need fun and play. It is one of their most basic and vital needs and essential to their development as full individuals and active citizens. The Muke Foundation is a message of hope, a space for refugee children to receive support and find restoration.As our center enters its 2nd year, our site has a nursery school, sports and leisure sites. For those with learning needs or educational gaps, we offer individual support through our specialist teaching staff. As a charity, we believe in supporting all aspects of a refugee child's well-being. We therefore offer physical, emotional and psychological support. As an organization, our story is one of transformation. Since opening our doors, we have witnessed a deep restoration in the refugee children we care for. Those who come to us find healing, the refugee children we know are no longer broken but full of life and joy. Caring for these refugee children has been our greatest calling, but seeing them grow and flourish is our greatest reward. Our goal at the Muke Foundation is to give new hope and new life to some of the most vulnerable refugee children living in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Camp today. Our dream is that every refugee child we care for fully knows their worth and, despite everything, fulfills society as a self-reliant adult.

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