About us

PICKNET in full: Poverty,Injustice Consultancy and Kids Network; It is a an organisation led-refugees and formed by women that has a vision of recovering social and economic potentials of Refugee communities for a sustainable development and its mission of empowering and advocating resources to enable positive social and economic transformation among refugees and Host communities. PICKNET is basing on Livelihood and psychosocial support. Our motto: Revolutionary Female Refugee for Peace.

Annual Operating Budget: 700,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 4,500

Our Partnerships

Our Current Funding Partners

Truth and Love Ministry International Kentucky, KOKEO and ADRA

Previous Funding Partners

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Optional Support Partner

Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

As PICKNET, we have formed 60 different groups where 70% are women and the remain 30% are men; we train them how they can create their own jobs and create money by starting on little which they have. We have 1300 beneficiaries from these different groups. PICKNET has a program that is called GOLDMINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRAINING; people gained the skills of savings and giving credits amongst themselves. PICKNET deals with refugees who are struggling with poverty and malnutrition and injustice based on sex segregation.

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