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PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT (PID) is a Community Based Organization (CBO), operating in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and Host Community. The Organisation was founded in 2018 to support the Community with focus on empowering special interest groups like orphans, widows and specially women, children and youth from refugee and host community for improved and sustainable livelihood. 1.1. VISION A vibrant economically self-sustaining initiative that empowers special interest groups. 1.2. MISSION To empower special interest groups socially, economically, transitional home for orphans, vocational skills for vulnerable youth and establishment of income generating projects for orphans and widows for improved and sustainable livelihood. 1.3. GOALS To contribute to a socially and economically development of women, children,youth and special interest groups through vocational training, entrepreneurship, psychosocial HIV counseling awareness . 1.4. SPECIAL OBJECTIVES • To equip needy people with vocational and apprenticeship skills training. 2 • To establish parent stock for supporting income generating activities for widows, youth, children, women and other needy people. • To provide psychosocial counseling awareness to the needy people and vulnerable communities. • To create awareness on rights of women, youth and children and needy people. • To partner with other NGO’s, association, networks and Government agencies to ensure core values accessibility of both capacity and financial support. • To protect environment through tree planting. 1.5. OUR VALUES We believe that every human being deserves a loving home, a family and parents or care takers who caters for physical and emotional wellbeing and development. We believe that children belong to the families and not in institutions. Among our core values are love, care, compassion and philanthropy. 1.6. OUR MOTIVATIONS The idea of PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT was conceived by 6 members that are passionate about well-being of women, children and special interest groups that have over the years volunteered their time and given of themselves and their resources to support women, children and needy people. 1.7. MAJOR ACTIVITIES i. Education and Capacity building. ii. Livelihood and general agriculture. iii. Psychosocial support iv. Environmental protection v. Gander Based Violence Prevention. vi. Child protection vii. Public health. viii. Peace building 3 1.8. OUR GEOGRAPHICAL AREA OF OPERATION. Kamwenge District is situated in the Western part of Uganda. Kamwenge town is located approximately 300km, by road, West of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The 2014 National Population and Housing Census (UBOS 2014) reported the populations of the District to be 414,454 of whom 50.9% were females and 49.1% were males. The annual population growth rate of the District was approximately 3% (UBOS 2015). Rwamwanja settlement covers approximately 41.9 square miles and is located within Nkoma and Bwizi Sub County of Kamwenge district about 45km from Kyenjojo Town. The settlement has about 69,127 refugees making the total district population of 478,526 with 13.4% being refugees. 1.9. INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIP IN DEVELOPMENT Our organisation welcome and respect ongoing International initiatives and national policies to take care and give support to people especially youth, vulnerable children, orphans and women by fighting poverty and ignorance. 1.10. MEMBERSHIP PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT (PID is a Community Based Organisation is made up by the following members; a. Founder members b. Associate members c. Effective members 1.11. OUR RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS. January 2021: Was engaged in door to door sensitization and mobilization of youth and children from refugee and host community, about home schooling programs which were on going. 4 August 2020: We had achieved to sensitize seven zones about COVID-19 prevention measures and seven local hand washing facilities were built in different areas in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19. January 2020: We trained 18youth groups in VSLA methodology and supported them with basic skills in savings and financial management. April 2019: We trained 10 women with skills and knowledge (language training, computer training and financial literacy). February 2019: We conducted a needs assessment in Refugee Settlement, Nkoma, Bwizi, Nkoma-Katalyeba, Bihanga and Biguli Sub County. The assessment was purposed to establish the challenges faced by women, children and youth in the community to help our organisation to develop some mitigation strategies to address the challenges faced. May 2019: PEOPLE’S INTERGRATED FOR DEVELOPMENT (PID conducted a training of their members in the purpose of finding a way forward to achieve our goals, by building unity, right, commitment and encouragement among the members, which has supported the organization to stand strong till now while achieving an performing better activities that we do very well. October 2018: We implemented GBV (Gander Based Violence) prevention project, 12 dialogues were conducted in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and 38 cases of domestic violence were solved.