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PILLAR FOR AFRICA DEVELOPMENT-PAD is the community Based organization non-profit started in 2018 with an aim of assisting persons of concern both in The idea of starting Pillar for Africa Development-PAD came up after recognizing the gap financial literacy language barrier faced by the refugee community which was leading to a hard community collaborations with the local Ugandans in the neighborhood from the refugee Settlement. During this time, Munyamirindi Gatware refugee and Mwesigye Elisa National them Reached went through the zones of Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, on a consultative Targeting with the local community members.refugees and host community. We are an independent community based organization that is registered focusing on social and economic development with the strong reputation , self empowered with indirect and direct approach. We three (4) projects running both in Refugee and host community ie Environmental Conservation, Nutrition under Livelihood , Functional Adult Literacy and Skilling Woman in Tailoring, Financial Literacy.

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Pillar for Africa Development-PAD works together with Refugees and the Host community. In Rwamwanja settlement there is a need of involving the host community in the development activities to promote peaceful co-existence and sustainable development. PAD focuses on achieving this goal by engaging in Livelihood projects like Financial literacy whereby 200 individuals who came together in 7 groups and Financial Adult Literacy, 143 learners so far are active in reading and writing. Under Nutrition, 4 groups are being engaged in kitchen gardening. They received seeds during the rains to plant and were guided by community based facilitators on how to make the nursery beds, spacing, spraying, trans- planting and water conservation. In Environment Conservation, PAD focuses on majorly tree planting and wetland conservation. So far, there is an activity of tree planting ongoing in Nkoma zone in Rwamwanja settlement. This is done in groups whereby youths groups like Nkoma Youth United group made a woodlot. PAD received seedlings of Gerivellia, Macadamia from AWYAD that were given to the group to be planted.

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