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REFUGEE ALLIANCE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND INNOVATION (RADI) Refugee Alliance for Development and Innovation (RADI) is a non-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) that is based in Kakuma Refugee camp and Kalobeyei settlement, Kenya, Rift Valley Province, Turkana West Subcounty, Kakuma refugee camp. We strive to Develop, Educate, Empower, Protect and Promote youths, children, widows, orphans among others. We support the welfare of the most disadvantaged in our society such as Orphans, Widows, Disabled and other most vulnerable individuals as refugees and asylum seekers in crisis mostly those who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries and in other countries because of insecurity cases, war, natural disasters, persecution, multiple violences, army groups and the disadvantaged host community in special needs. The Community Based Organization was formed by the refugees and asylum seekers young people, men and women to help and advocate the fellow refugees and asylum seekers and host communities who are in real need and to bring real changes in their future lives. RADI Office is located in Kakuma 3 Zone 2 Block 1 nearby UNHCR Field post 2 and RAS/Government Field post office. WHAT WE DO? We run several programmes 1) Education (SDG 4) & vocational training: We have 3 remedial classrooms for primary level,1 class for computer and 2) Livelihoods: We train community members on business and have VSL groups 3) Regenerative agriculture (Permaculture education and Agroforestry): We organize trainings and have land for agricultural activities on cricket farming and kitchen garden. 4) Health Community (hygiene and nutrition) 5) Peace building/ capacity building of staff and community members 6) Human Rights (SDG 5) to ensure that everyone has his/her rights, we train children in schools on children rights. 7) Environment conservation and construction: We are preparing seedlings that we plan to distribute to community for afforestation of Kakuma.