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Rwamwanja Rural Foundation is a youth refugee led non profit organization founded in 2015 and registered as Regional non- profit as a non profit with National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organizations Reg no-INDR164505924NB We am to works with all at high risk of hunger and malnutrition, exacerbated by high prices caused by the pandemic , conflicts and wars. Rwamwanja Rural Foundation was established to empower refugee youth to fulfil their potential and enable them to transform their lives. It aims to ensure these communities can restore local ecosystems, increasing climate resilience and biodiversity, while benefiting from regenerative agriculture activities that improve access to nutritious food. It brings together permaculture, Indigenous farming techniques, local languages as well as modern, affordable and easily accessible digital technologies to enhance reach and overall impact. The Foundation is: Providing training programms in regenerative agriculture and reforestation Developing hubs to conduct training Turning refugees and other members of local communities, particularly women, into entrepreneurship RRF's core value: Efficiency and Effectiveness :Achieving measurable effects with NO waste. Accountability and transparency :Governance with full of honesty and openness Punctuality :Always Committed to timelines to satisfy project beneficiaries and partner’s satisfaction Integrity :Full of trust to keep clients and employees secrets at whatever levels Exemplary : Humility in our presentation and behavior as role models Community Ownership :We strive to ensure that our projects are owned by communities OUR VISION Civilized mankind with sustainable capacities to meet basic needs of food, health , education and income . Our mission. Building a smart effective organization that focus to increasing accessibility and affordability to highly nutritious food products and income through growing networks that shall facilitate awareness ,advocacy thus revive healthy social ecosystems. OUR GOAL. An Economic environment with reduced dependence on Food donations and preventable health services.

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