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Volunteer Social Workers is a community based organization created in 2017 in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi aiming to alleviate social issues which refugees and Malawians surrounding the camp face on daily basis. Our vision is to "transform the Dzaleka community to a stress-free community". Our missions are 1. To provide counseling support to refugees and Malawians victims of stress, anxiety and trauma. 2. To organize regular healing circles and community outreach exercises for the aim of identifying people undergoing stress, trauma and anxiety. 3.To organize intercultural events capable of reducing stress and healing people victims of trauma and anxiety. 4. To equip (empower) trauma survivors in skills such as Agribusiness, Tailoring, Business Entrepreneurship, Acting, Directing, Farming, Graphic Designing, Electricity and Electronics and many more. Our objective is to involve refugees and Malawians to be part of the solution to social problems they are facing daily. We work with: teen and single mothers, Youths affected and recovered from drugs and alcohol abuse, Elderlies, the most vulnerable from the host communities surrounding the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. SINCE WE ARE VOLUNTEERS, OUR MAIN ACTIVITY IS ADVOCACY.