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WODEP is Women's Organization for Development and Environment Protection, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan,nonreligious, and apolitical organization that was founded in Dzaleka refugee camp by the group of women who fled from their origin countries because different wars and have different spheres of life. MISSION OF WODEP The mission of WODEP is to protect and protect the welfare of women in sustainable development by advocating for women's capacities and claim the human rights , and world where they are strong leaders . VISION The vision of WODEP is to engage women in building the ecosystem to improve food security and durable agriculture through the leadership of Women. THE MAIN PURPOSE OF WODEP. The main purpose of WODEP is to promote environmental conservation, improvement of soil conditions, and sustainable use of natural resources to improve the living standards of less fortunate people in response to climate change. To achieve its main purpose WODEP has set itself the following: -Enhance the ability of women refugees to acquire and utilize appropriate techniques and skills for improved food security, income-generating activities and soil conservation, -Empower women to claim their rights as decision-makers,and advocator especially issues related to the environment and durable development, -Inspire and attract women refugees into durable agriculture and environment professions which that their wefare is sustainably proved , -Provide basic support such as food to widows, children, and orphans and ,provide also shelter to those who have lost them from natural disaster , -Raise awareness ,defend ,uplift and help the vulnerable women and children to regain their dignity into the society , -Engage women to play the role of protecting the environment in all of its forms because our survival depends on it. WODEP is focused in the following fields : -Women' Rights, -Gender equality , -Soil conservation, -Climate change ,ecological protection and durable agriculture, -Formal and informal education, -Economic empowerment , -Emengency response.