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YOUTH EMPOWERMENT TO ACT (YETA) Is a Refugee led Organization established in June 2018 as a liquid soap making group trained by OXFAM in Imvepi refugee settlement, Odupi Sub-county, Terego District-Uganda. The formation of YETA was precipitated by increased socioeconomic challenges associated with youth unemployment, limited access to formal education by children with disability, Unequal involvement and participation of women, Girls and the minority communities in leadership and service delivery, as well as increased cases of violence and conflicts among communities (Refugees and host) over the scarce shared ecosystem (Land, trees for fuel and construction, grasses and water). We began our operations in August 2020 to offer educational, empowerment and supportive services to the communities of Imvepi refugee settlement and the host community. We are committed to advocate and to promote positive human values for a progressive society. YETA is registered with Terego District Local Government in Uganda with Certificate No. 636/56 and Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) with the TIN 1026036693. Our Vision Is to have a society with constructive, peaceful and productive self-reliant youth for inclusive service delivery and sustainability.

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