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AFID-RLO, the short for “ALL FOR INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT”, founded in 2017, is a non-profit and refugee-led community based organization located at Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge district in Uganda. Striving to create an inclusive and empowered society in which no refugee or vulnerable individual is left behind, AFID's mission aims at enabling a better future and secured livelihoods to the most vulnerable individuals (especially forcedly displaced person and those nearby host communities' members) through inclusive and quality education, environment promotion, sustainable farming and economic activities. Its implementation strategies and approaches that seek to involve (work and decide with beneficiaries together) and put the beneficiaries in the heart of all interventions make it one of the most responsive RLOs that incarnate the approach of low cost - high impact. With our main focus on the extremely vulnerable individuals including poor and abandoned children, single mothers, SGBV (sex and gender based violence) survivors; the type of activities we undertake range from advocacy, capacity building to service delivery. Whereas in terms of operations, what characterizes AFID’s functioning are its efforts to (a) enlist involvement of the locals when initiating activities at the grass root level; and (b) mobilize women for bringing peace, tolerance, and development in the refugee community (c) partner with other organization to strengthen the interventions. Agriculture Agribusiness skills trainings and startup tools to small-holder farmers. The optimization of utilisation of the land, the market, and choice of the product are key. At least 900 (525 females, 375 males) being reached in 2023. Inclusive Education Educate to unblock opportunities # ICT for increasing the job market opportunities’ requirements, connect with the world # Adult literacy and language courses (English and Swahili) basic lessons to refugees, humanitarian staff and host members to facilitate their integration and social interaction with host communities. Environment Establishment and production of tree seedling and distribution are main activities in our campaign of protection and promotion our environment.