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Allvox is a legally registered refugee-founded and youth-led community-focused organization that facilitates community’s own response to its local challenges. The not-for profit initiative was founded in January 2021 in response to consequences of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Uganda. It got officially registered with Terego District in May 2022 as a community-based organization in Imvepi refugee settlement with registration number 636/050. Envisioning a young change making community, Allvox focuses on inclusive education, environmental conservation and media for local development. From a content creation group to a community-focused organization, our story of foundation traces back to 2021 when the global coronavirus’s wreckage on lives in refugee settlements got deeper. The plights of the people we serve were the driving forces that set the foundations of this intervention. Imvepi settlement with over 60,000 refugees had been facing untold challenges: a hike in teenage pregnancies and marriages; youth unemployment; limited educational opportunities; misinformation, disinformation and hate speech; conflicts over resources; and declining relief cuts. Since the settlement’s opening in 2017, humanitarian organizations had been responding to local community challenges. During a tour in the settlement on New Year eve in 2021, our founder discovered that a solar-powered local community radio set up by some refugee partners – made out of mega-phones – was pumping a lot of music, announcements and with largely no educative programmes. The radios lacked more playable content that could edutain the community action. As a result, our founder solicited young refugees and formed a drama group on January 6th 2021 in which they planned, acted, recorded and produced playable audio programmes. One year later, what was initially a Covid-19 content group graduated to a fully registered community-concern nonprofit organization. Allvox’s response strategy is simple; leverages the local resources in designing sustainable community-driven solutions.