About us

Global Rehabilitation and Transformation Response (GRTR) is a Refugee Led non-profit, non-sectarian, non-government organization that aims at transforming communities through providing services aligned with the sustainable development goals. We support underprivileged individuals and groups irrespective of their age, gender, race, nationality, political affiliation, socio-economic status or religious belief. GRTR was conceived in 2019 by a group of humanitarian and development professionals who are passionate about enhancing the well-being of refugees in both Uganda and South Sudan. We are officially registered to operate in Arua city, Madi-Okollo, Terego and Yumbe districts, and are headquartered in Ofua II, Rhino Camp refugee settlement, North-western Uganda.

Annual Operating Budget: 300,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 5,000

Our Partnerships

Our Current Funding Partners

Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa(OSIEA),Cohere, MercyCorps,

Previous Funding Partners

Children’s Rights and violence prevention funds (CRVPF),European Union/Aga-Khan Foundation An agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, ICAP-University of Colombia,

Our Network Affiliations

Uganda Water and Sanitation Network(UWSANET),Rhino Camp Refugee Led Organization and Imvepi Refugee Led Organization, Rhino Camp Livelihood Sector Working Group, Rhino Camp Protection working Group, Education Working Group.

Optional Support Partner

Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

GRTR is one of the refugee Led organization based in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement with Focus areas in: • Youth and women engagement on livelihood • Environment conservation • Sustainable Peace Building • Education and Livelihoods • Health, Water and sanitation • Research and Translations, with the above focus areas; GRTR was able to trained 300 Youth on Hands on Skills in Tailoring and garment Cutting, Saloon and hair dressing, Motorbike repair and maintenance, Metal fabrication and welding, Phone repair and Maintenance, Trained 450 Refugees and Host in Financial Literacy,150 women Received Grants to support their Business,157 refugees Trained in Refugee Rights Using the Uganda Refugee ACT, 46 Village Savings and Loan Association. GRTR represents the vulnerable community of Refugees and the Host community in West Nile

Other Operating Locations

We are located- in Ofua Zone Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement in Urima Sub-County in Terego District, West Nile Region

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