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Refugee empowerment for sustainable development in Africa (RESDA) is Refugee led organization founded in 2020 by both refugees and nationals ,RESDA unites refugees and host communities through avenues like sports, adult literacy, Early childhood education, Vocational skills training for women and girls, livelihood programs for youth, Supporting teenager pregnant girls , Agricultural practices and Humanitarian aid in order to address social and economic issues such as ethnic conflicts, psychosocial problems, hunger and malnutrition, poor climate ,poverty , lack of access to education, unemployment, vulnerability and disabilities amongst refugees and host communities OBJECTIVES To be a collective voice for all communities and vulnerable groups in order to promote with inclusive participation in sustainable development programs through education initiatives and livelihood programs. To encourage peace and unity among different nationals in the refugee settlement and host communities. To empower the special interest and vulnerable persons . To encourage various economic ,social ,cultural and religious inter relations with in the community . To identify ,track, monitor and promote talents and skills for sustainability To ensure proper service delivery in partnership with all stakeholders in settlement camps To promote gender equality in the community for sustainable development and unity To responding to the emergences caused by any out come VISION Well established and sustainable community in refugee setting MISSION RESDA`s mission is to empower communities socially and economically through talent, skills, peace building and sustainable development goals setting to overcome the burdens of underdevelopment and vulnerability CORE VALUES Transparency and accountability Integrity; we are honest, responsible, reliable and trustworthy as we carry out our mission Partnerships; we believe in working in collaboration with all stakeholders We value the trust of our stakeholders Knowledge Passion Foster positive changes in the communities Commitments to human rights and values